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The Active Citizens Fund combines three previous streams of funding so that West Midlands Police will be better placed to engage with the public and encourage 'active citizenship'. This means that communities in the West Midlands will be actively involved in projects that will make a positive difference to themselves.

Neighbourhood Policing Units (NPUs) have an annual budget to help fund community projects that reflect the priorities of West Midlands Police and its partners.

Two types of applications will be considered for funding: Community Projects and Small Grants.

  •  Community Projects will usually require larger amounts of funding and will be supported at partnership level with engagement from other agencies. There is no upper or lower limit on the amount of funding that could be available, but these funds are designed to support projects rather than one-off expenses or events.  There is an expectation that these projects will be sustainable beyond the period for which funding is provided, and may take a number of years to show benefits.
  •  Small Grants may be used to help the community to purchase equipment or may be used to support a one-off community event or initiative.  These grants will usually be smaller amounts, although there is no upper or lower limit.

The final decision on funding is made by the NPU Commander for both types of application.

If you wish to apply for a Community Project, this will require more extensive discussions with your NPU Commander and their team, and you should discuss your plans and your application with your local neighbourhood team, who will work with you and help to steer your application through the process which has been agreed on the NPU.

If you wish to apply for a Small Grant, you should discuss your application with your local neighbourhood officer before submitting your application form.

Funding Process

The first step is to contact your local team (using the email address on the right).  They can advise you about the local process and the local priorities. They will also guide you through the local application process, provide some advice on whether your application is likely to be successful, and will give you an application form.  Once you have completed your application form, this must be submitted to the NPU commander for a decision.  


Each local area has its own process and its own priorities in place.  However, the following guidance may help you: 


  • Groups/organisations must be properly constituted and have a bank or building society account with at least two signatories where we can pay the funds.


  • A group/organisation does not need to be based in the community where the project is run, but the project must be of direct benefit to the residents of that area.


  • We do not fund individuals.


  • You may include revenue items where this is essential to the running of a time-limited project (e.g. for hiring additional, temporary project staff - but these must not be employed either temporarily or permanently by West Midlands Police).


  • Match funding is not a requirement, but we will look favourably on projects which contribute additional funds.  This can include in-kind contributions such as volunteer time or items/materials donated to the project.


Following your application, the NPU Commander will decide whether or not to approve the funding for your project. If successful, you will be notified of the evaluation process that you need to abide by in order to receive the funding.*


*Once an application has been approved, the applicant will be asked to sign and return a Grant Conditions Form and a quarterly expenditure statement (this sets out the dates when funds are released).   Thereafter, successful applicants will be required to complete an Impact Assessment form every six months and at the end of the project, and a quarterly expenditure statement for the duration of the project. 


Pre-application support


Before you complete an application form you must contact your local policing team using the emails below:






Solihull:                  or





For more general information about the Active Citizens Fund, please contact the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands:


-       By phone:  (0121) 626 6060

-       By email:



Please discuss your plans with your neighbourhood team, and send completed application forms to your Neighbourhood Policing Unit selected from the e-mail addresses on the right.