A Female Perspective - Integrated Offender Management

Integrated Offender Management - Women Matter!

Are things different for women?

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 from 09:30 to 15:00, Tally Ho Conference and Banqueting Suite, Pershore Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B5 7RN

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Joy Doal MBE, Project Director at Anawim says, "It is imperative that we have an integrated service for women offenders, a joined up approach to women's multiple and complex needs. Prison doesn't work, especially for women. It is important between us we have multi agency community alternatives to support women in changing their lives."

Integrated Offender Management (IOM) is an overarching framework that allows local and partner agencies to come together to ensure that the offenders whose crimes cause most damage and harm locally are managed in a co-ordinated way.  IOM Strategic objectives for female offenders outline how females should receive more targeted support to break the cycle of crime and abuse.

Local integrated offender management approaches differ from area to area, reflecting local priorities, but there are common key principles which include:

  • all partners tackling offenders together - a multi-agency problem solving approach focussing on offenders, not offences
  • delivers a local response to local problems
  • offenders facing their responsibility or facing the consequences - they are provided with a clear understandign of what is expected of them
  • making better use of existing programmes and governance - this involves gaining further benefits from programmes (such as the prolific and other priority offenders programme, drug interventions programme and community justice) to increase the benefits for communities, and will also enable partners to provide greater clarity around roles and responsibilities

Aims of the day:

To raise awareness amongst those coming into daily contact with women with complex needs, especially relating to offending behaviour, of the following:

  • What is out there? Pathways, interventions and referral agents
  • Think offender not offence! Triggers to offending for women
  • Current work schemes already in place
  • Current research of females linked to offending behaviour
  • Case studies - what works!

This is an event that is jointly hosted by the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Yvonne Mosquito and West Midlands Police Integrated Offender Management department.  It is aimed at professionals within:

  • General Policing
  • Offender Management
  • Voluntary and Community organisations
  • Health
  • Social Care
  • Victim Support agencies

Listen to real life, inspirational stories from women who have gone through the criminal justice system and get involved with Geese Theatre Productions  who work specifically with both professionals and individuals who are in the criminal justice system. They use a unique blend of performance and workshop style exercises to teach new skills and explore difficult issues, including presenting the production 'Behind the Mask'. 

Registration and refreshments will be available at 9.30am, with the main programme starting at 10.00am.  The Twitter hashtag for the day is #femalesIOM.

A final programme for the day will be issued closer to the event with the names of confirmed speakers but an outline of the topics to be covered is included here:

  • What complex needs do women have?
  • An opportunity to meet with representatives from Women's Centres in the
  • West Midlands and find out about referral pathways.  Organisations confirmed to attend include: Anawim, Fry Housing Trust, and Sandwell Women's Aid
  • What are the triggers to offending?
  • Why do women offend?
  • Women and mental health
  • Women behind bars - does custody work?

If you are an organisation supporting women with complex needs, please feel free to bring some promotional literature to the event and take the opportunity to network and promote the work that you are doing.  There will be tables available for you to utilise as promotional stalls.

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