Trust and Confidence Summit 13 March 2013

Doreen LawrenceCommunities in the West Midlands need to have trust and confidence in their local police.  High levels of trust and confidence make people feel safer and mean that the police can be effective in reducing crime and making our communities safer. 

The Summit took place on Wednesday 13 March 2013, chaired by Deputy West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito. Doreen Lawrence, founder of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, was the keynote speaker.  The summit included:

  • Yvonne Mosquitospeaking to local community representatives or representatives of community organisations to explore ways of improving trust and confidence
  • sharing our experiences of what makes communities feel safe and the relationship with local police
  • hearing from West Midlands Police on how they communicate with communities and their plans for the future
  • hearing from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) on how they deal with complaints against the police and how they liaise with local communities
  • using our discussions to generate solutions and new models for communication with local communities

Marcus Beale

 West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones said, "We want communities in the West Midlands to have trust and confidence in their local police. Our levels of reported crime are at a historic low, but we all need to see we are being served by an efficient and fair police in order to feel safe within our neighbourhoods.  The Trust and Confidence Summit discussed how we can devise solutions together to improve trust and confidence for all our diverse communities."