Youth Summit December 2013

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The December 2013 Youth Summit brought together about 180 young people from across the West Midlands to celebrate the announcement of fourteen Youth Commissioners, elected through democratic processes chosen by their peers, to serve the seven local authority areas of the West Midlands.  

The Youth Summit  was honoured by the guest appearance of international reggae star Roach Killa, who spoke and performed at the event.  Roach Killa, who has been visiting schools in Birmingham, with his message 'Drop the knife, pick up a pen,' talked about his campaign.  His aim is to encourage young people to use writing as a way to express their feelings instead of turning to violence, which can wreck lives.

The event also featured a feedback kiosk, which gave people the opportunity to share their views with the Police and Crime Commissioner.  Some of the feedback footage from the kiosk can be seen at the link below.

 Video kiosk

The decision to appoint Youth Commissioners was the outcome of a Youth Summit event held in January 2013.  At this summit, 180 young people were asked how the Police and Crime Commissioner could give young people the opportunity to influence the development of on-going consultation and engagement mechanisms.  

The young people at the event suggested options for ways they wanted to be consulted.  In addition to the appointment of Youth Commissioners, these included engagement through social media and the creation of a Youth Commission.  These options offer a variety of ways in which young can engage in order to suit the diverse nature of the population of this area. The Youth Commission will consist of the Youth Commissioners and some additional young people to ensure the Commission is representative of the West Midlands.

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The Commission will meet 6 times a year, with an annual youth summit which will led by the Youth Commission, where they will report back on the work that has been done for that year and consider their work for the forthcoming year.  

Information about the Youth Commissioners, including their biographies is available here.

Videos from the event:

Youth Summit - Full version

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