Impact Pathways

What is Impact Pathways West Midlands?

Impact Pathways is a 'map' of provision designed to help people who live and work in the West Midlands access support they might need. 

It allows the public and professionals to search in their area for the resource, knowledge and expertise of statutory agencies such as the NHS, private companies, together with a whole range of charities and community groups who exist to offer services to support people.

The agencies are arranged by 'pathways' and postcode. The 'pathways' are based on a history of working to support people out of offending, but we recognise that the type of support offered - with alcohol issues, housing problems, to find a job and so on - are useful to a much broader range of people than those involved in crime. Because of this we wanted to offer these services on a broader platform, particularly one where it's possible for people to access support without necessarily going via a GP, the Council or the Police.

To find out more about Impact Pathways West Midlands, visit the website here