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WMPCC 043 2013 Invest to Save November 13

A decision awarding a total of £314,500 to community safety partnerships across the West Midlands.

WMPCC 044 2013 Technology Task Force Procurement of an Innovation and Integration Partner

This is the latest in a series of decisions made by the Commissioner on the Technology Task Force's procurement of... Read more
03 December 2013

WMPCC 045 2013 Extension to Chief Constable’s term of appointment

A decision to extend the appointment of Chris Sims as Chief Constable of West Midlands Police from 31 May 2014... Read more

WMPCC 040 2013 Confidential Reporting Policy

This policy forms an integral part of the governance landscape of the Office of the Police and and Crime Commissioner... Read more
05 November 2013

WMPCC 041 2013 Anti Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Policy

The opportunity has been taken, following the change in governance arrangements, to revisit and update the Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption... Read more
05 November 2013

WMPCC 042 2013 Community Initiative Fund November 13

To consider applications from community based organisations based in the West Midlands seeking financial support from the Community Initiatives Fund... Read more

WMPCC 038 2013 Property Disposal

As part of the on-going review of the West Midlands Estate the property within this decision report, Canterbury Road Police... Read more

WMPCC 039 2013 Supply, delivery, installation and networking of digital interview recording equipment

This is a confidential decision to award a contract.  It is confidential because it is commercially sensitive.
02 October 2013

WMPCC037 2013 Submission to Home Secretary Stage 2 Transfer

All police and crime commissioners must make and submit a transfer scheme for approval by the Home Secretary.  The submission,... Read more
16 September 2013

WMPCC 034 2013 Outstanding Citizen and Outstanding Young Citizen Awards Scheme

 A proposal for a new West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner's Outstanding Citizen and Outstanding Young Citizen Award Scheme, which... Read more