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Precept message from David Jamieson:

We are hit doubly hard because the West Midlands is taking the second lowest contribution from local taxpayers in the country. That means we are more reliant on Central Government funding, and so a flat rate cut to the central grant hurts us more than places with higher precepts. While Central Government provides 86% of the West Midlands Police budget, for some forces this is as low as 49%. For example, cuts in government funding mean Surrey Police’s budget will fall by just 12%, but West Midlands Police will lose 22%. Given that our crime rates are higher, with more serious threats to the community, this simply isn’t fair.

The West Midlands’ position is worsened by the government’s unfair decision not to give us the full amount of funding that their own formula says we need.

This year, West Midlands Police will receive £43 million less than their formula says we require. Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson is campaigning to get a fairer funding deal for the West Midlands.

Even after the 1.99% increase on the precept the West Midlands will be taking the second lowest contribution from local tax payers in the country. The 1.99% increase, coupled with careful use of the reserves, means that the recruitment of 450 police officers will continue.

2015 Precept Leaflet

Finances 2015-2016

Revenue Budget And Precept And Capital Budget And Prog 2015/16 to 2018/19

The Police and Crime Commissioner’s 2015/16 Revenue Budget and Precept and Capital Budget and Programme 2015/16 to 2018/19.