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The Active Citizens Fund is now in its fourth year.  This initiative combines three previous streams of funding (Proceeds of Crime Act - POCA, Community Initiative Fund - CIF and Police Property Act - PPA).

The main aim of this funding is to contribute to crime reduction and/or community safety across the West Midlands, whilst at the same time enabling West Midlands Police to be better placed to engage with the public and encourage 'active citizenship'.   This means that local groups and communities in the West Midlands will actively establish and lead projects that will make a positive difference to them whilst helping to reduce crime and making the West Midlands a safer place to live and work. 

Neighbourhood Policing Units (NPUs) have an annual budget to help fund community projects that reflect the priorities of West Midlands Police and its partners. 

 Please note that all bids for 2019/20 need to show how they will make active citizens grow and reduce youth crime and/or knife crime.

 Successful bids will have to be signed off by both the Chief Superintendent from each Neighbourhood Policing Unit and the Chief Executive from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).


Active Citizens Funding Criteria:


  • Groups and organisations must be properly constituted and have a separate bank account with at least two signatories in to which we can pay the funds.  If there is not dedicated group/organisation bank account, an umbrella organisation may take responsibility for the financial transactions.


  • A group does not need to be based in the community where the project is run, but the project must be of direct benefit to the residents / priorities of that area.


  • We do not fund individual requests for funding or sponsorship, for example sponsored walks.


  • You may include revenue items where this is essential to the running of a time limited project.  We cannot support a bid to cover the cost of a salary.


  • We do not require match funding but will look favourably on projects which contribute additional funds.


  • We cannot fund the purchase of assets that will provide long term benefits to a private company or individual rather than to the community.


  • Safeguarding:  If the project involves children or vulnerable adults, the organisation must have sufficient safeguarding procedures in place.  The safeguarding measures should be proportionate to the risk involved.  This requirement should be discussed with the Partnership Team at the NPU, who will be able to provide more advice.


  • Funding will not be provided for an organisation or project to make payments to itself for the hire of accommodation or facilities


  • Funding cannot be used to make payments to members of the committee of the organisation/group unless this is essential to the success of the project and pre-agreed by West Midlands Police partnership team.


Please refer to your local area to check for any additional criteria.


The Funding Process:


1)    It is essential that your first step will be to make contact with your local neighbourhood partnership team prior to completing an application form.  Your local team will advise you further about the local process and local priorities. They will also guide you through the application process, provide some advice on whether your application is likely to be successful, and where appropriate, will give you an application form. 

2)    Once you have spoken to your local team and completed an application form, your bid should be submitted to your NPU.

3)    If your bid is successful at the first stage and subsequently passed on, the OPCC, will ask you to sign and  return a Grant Conditions form and provide a copy of your group's / organisation's bank statement. Only once these documents have been returned will the bid be considered by the Chief Executive for authorisation.

 All successful schemes/projects are monitored.  Applicants will be required to provide 'Impact Assessment' reports and details of financial expenditure, including copies of all invoices and receipts throughout the life of the project/scheme and at its conclusion. Provision of monitoring and assessment information is a condition to which you will be agreeing if you sign the Grant Conditions' form.

 Please note, keeping your personal information safe and secure is a priority for us.  The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has updated our Privacy Notice in line with the new data protection regulations (GDPR), and we have made it easier for you to understand all the information we collect and why we collect it.  To find out more about how we use your personal information please look at our PRIVACY NOTICE 


First step


To discuss an application you will need to contact your local police partnership team. 

Please see relevant contact details below:


Birmingham :  

Coventry :        

Dudley :            

Sandwell :        

Solihull :           

Walsall :           

Wolverhampton :


 Alternatively, you can contact your local Neighbourhood Team by visiting: / 'Find Your Local Police'