Active Citizens Fund



About the Active Citizens Fund

The Active Citizens Fund combines three streams of funding so that West Midlands Police will be better placed to engage with the public and encourage 'active citizenship'. This means that communities in the West Midlands will be actively involved in projects that will make a positive difference to themselves.

Neighbourhood Policing Units (NPUs) will be provided with an annual budget to help fund community projects that reflect the priorities of WMP and its partners.

The decision as to whether an application is successful will be made by the NPU Commander.

Dudley Funding Process

Dudley NPU covers varied, diverse and inclusive areas. The borough covers a mixture of town centres, green spaces, historical buildings and places, residential areas as well as nationally known locations such as Dudley Zoo and the Black county museum. As a result of this rich mix, Dudley communities are equally varied. Any bid should take this into consideration.

  • Local priorities: We would like bids to encourage cohesive and diverse communities. We would like to make our communities safer for all to enjoy, we would like to encourage community spirit and pride within our communities that work together to reduce crime and disorder. We would like our communities to support each other, mobilising to tackle local issues.
  • Criteria used to determine which bids are successful:

We will score bids against Community inclusion and benefit, How a local need is addressed, If the project is useful and beneficial to the local community, if the project group have the relevant skills and knowledge to make this successful and sustainable.

Pre-application support:

Prior to completing an application form, potential bidders MUST discuss their project details with their local policing unit partnership team. An ideas' canvas will be provided by the DY partnership team, this will need to be filled in and returned to the team. ( Dy_partnerships_team@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk )

If suitable this canvas will be shared with a local decision panel and then if agreed the group will be asked to formally submit an application. * The DY partnerships team will provide support throughout this process*.

All successful applicants will be contacted by the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office in due course.

  • Groups and organisations must be properly constituted and have a separate bank account with at least two signatories where we can pay the funds.  If there is no dedicated group/organisation bank account, an umbrella organisation may take responsibility for the financial transactions. See guidance notes for further explanation.
  • A group does not need to be based in the community where the project is run, but the project must be of direct benefit to the residents of that area.
  • We do not fund individuals.
  • We do not fund staff costs.