Stop and Search Background Information

Stop and Search is a complex issue with many different facets and levels.  This page contains background information including policies, reports and research.


  • The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners supports the "Know Your Rights" campaign, which aims to give more information to people who are stopped and search.  The information leaflet is available to download.
  • The West Midlands Police Stop and Search Policy (November 2012) is available to download
  • The Home Office recently consulted in 2013 on current stop and search powers.  Find out more here.  The Police and Crime Commissioner's response to the consultation is here.

Reports to West Midlands Police Authority

Before abolition, the Authority considered a number of reports about use of stop and search powers by West Midlands Police:

Stop and Search Research

  • Police Research Series Paper 127: The Impact of Stops and Searches on Crime and the Community
  • Police Research Series Paper 128: Upping the PACE? An evaluation of the recommendations of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry on Stops and Searches
  • Police Research Series Paper 129: The Views of the Public on Stops and Searches
  • Police Research Series Paper 130: Police Stops, Decision Making and Practice
  • Police Research Series Paper 131: Profiling Populations Available for Stops and Searches
  • Police Research Series Paper 132: Managing the use and impact of searches - a review of force interventions
  • Matt Markham: What is the impact of stop and search upon police/community relations in Coventry?
  • Nick Bland: Understanding Police Reform - the case of stop and search