Stop and Search Feedback

Thank you for visiting the stop and search feedback page.  If you have been stopped and searched, the Police and Crime Commissioner - who is independent of West Midlands Police - would like to hear about your experience.  You can fill in the form below or call us on 0121 626 6060.

Improving recording and oversight of stop and search is a priority in the police and crime plan (more information here).  Your feedback will be used to improve stop and search practice and will not be used for any other purpose.

Information on viewing your stop and search record, making a complaint and your rights if you are stopped and searched is below. 

Stop and Search Feedback

Tell us about your experience of being Stopped and Searched
The reference number will be on the receipt the officer gave you.
Additional information could include your name, the date, location and time when the search took place, as well as the police officer's name or ID number and the station they said they were based at.

This could include your thoughts about how you were treated and the information you were given.
Your information will not be used for any other purpose

There are ten stop and search scrutiny panels that meet across the West Midlands that monitor and scrutinise use of these powers
You information will not be used for any other purpose


Viewing your stop and search record

You have a right to see the record made of your stop and search within three months of the search.  At present, to do so you should go to a police station and give the reference number of your stop or attend with identification (driving license, passport etc).  There is no cost to see your stop and search record. 

Making a complaint about your stop and search

If you wish to make a complaint about your stop and search:

  • Visit a police station and give the stop and search reference number or present identification information
  • Submit a complaint online
  • Call 101 and ask for the Professional Standards Department

Stop and Search: Know Your Rights

You or a vehicle that you are in can be stopped and searched if a police officer has reasonable grounds to suspect that you are carrying drugs, weapons, stolen property, or items that could be used to commit a crime.

The officer searching you must explain why you are being searched, what they are looking for, and what law you are being searched under.  They must tell you their name or ID (or "collar") number and the police station where they are based.  The police officer must offer you a receipt with details of the search.

The police officer will ask you to identify your ethnicity within preset categories.  This allows the public and the police to monitor whether stop and search powers are being used fairly, proportionately and effectively. 

The police officer should treat you respectfully, professionally and with dignity throughout the search.  For more information about stop and search, see this leaflet.