Birmingham West and Central stop and search scrutiny panel

Contact for the Birmingham West and Central Stop and Search Scrutiny panel is Inspector Iftekhar Ahmed (101 ext 861 3006) and the Birmingham Partnership Team (101 ext 861 3013).

Inspector Iftekhar Ahmed introduces the panel:

Copies of agendas and minutes are available here.

Desta Hall, a Youth Worker in Birmingham, is also a panel member:

Here Kennly Bailey describes his time on the stop and search scrutiny panel:

Jaraj Modriak, who works for an organisation representing Eastern Europeans living in the UK, discusses his participation in the Birmingham West and Central stop and search scrutiny panel.

Copies of agendas and minutes are available, sorted by year.  Use the drop down menu to pick the year.  Once a year is selected the page will refresh and the documents will be available to download.

Dates of upcoming meetings: 

  • from 2-4pm at Lloyd House