Strategic Policing and Crime Board

The Strategic Policing and Crime Board ensures effective engagement, strategic direction and holding to account of West Midlands Police.  The SPCB usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month (information here) and its reports include performance information for West Midlands Police.  Its meetings are public and anyone is welcome to attend and observe.

Information about crime in your area, and further information about West Midlands Police performance, can be found at the website.

Asking a question at a Strategic Policing and Crime Board

The Strategic Policing and Crime Board meets monthly in public.   Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe, and, with prior notice, may ask a question relating to the duties and responsibilities of the PCC.

Any member of the public, other than a police officer or member of police staff, who lives, works or studies in the West Midlands may ask a question relating to the duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner.

Questions must be submitted seven working days before a meeting.  Questioners that attend the meeting in person will receive an oral response where possible.  Where an oral response is not possible, or where the questioner cannot attend, a written response will be provided.

Submitting a petition to the Strategic Policing and Crime Board

Petitions must be submitted to the Chief Executive at least seven working days before the date of the meeting and shall be included in the agenda for the meeting. The petition organiser will be expected to attend the meeting at which the petition is presented. The Commissioner, or a person requested by the Commissioner on his behalf, will respond orally at the meeting. Where it is not practicable to answer the petition orally at the meeting a written reply will be sent to the petition organiser.  Petitions must contain the following: 

  • At least 25 signatures with the name and address (or place of work or study if the person does not live in the West Midlands) of each signatory
  • A clear and concise statement covering the subject of the petition with a statement of the action that the petitioners which the Commissioner to take
  • Contact details for the petition organiser.

Contact information for the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner here.

Rules of Procedure for the Strategic Policing and Crime Board

      To maintain an overview of the implementation of the Commissioner's manifesto in order to ensure consistency in approach but having regards to the differing needs in the West Midlands

      To monitor the implementation and achievement of the Police and Crime Plan and support the Commissioner in any work required to vary the Plan during his term of office

      To scrutinise, support and challenge the overall performance of West Midlands Police including against the priorities agreed within the Plan

      To advise the Commissioner when exercising his functions in setting the budget and precept

      To ensure the effective working of arrangements for consulting with and engaging local residents, communities and victims of crime

      To ensure effective working with the local policing and crime boards and advise the Commissioner on their effectiveness in achieving the outcomes from his award of crime and disorder reduction grants 

      To advise and support the Commissioner in his decision making role and in holding the Chief Constable to account

      To support the Commissioner more generally in the fulfilment of his statutory duties, to include equalities and human rights obligations

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