Police and Crime Commissioner opens applications for Strategic Policing and Crime Board

Bob Jones sets out plans for police governance, engagement and accountability

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones has announced plans for ensuring effective engagement, strategic direction and holding to account of West Midlands Police.  Central to the plans will be a Strategic Policing and Crime Board, and the Commissioner is inviting applications for Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner and Non-Executive Member roles.

Bob said, "I have said many times that a PCC working alone, or even with a Deputy, is not the best way to effectively engage and represent all the diverse areas of the West Midlands.  There need to be links to each area, to ensure that the police are efficient and effective, that the right strategic direction is in place, and that the Chief Constable is held to account.  Effective decision making means having all the information and listening to a range of views, and the Strategic Policing and Crime Board will be key to delivery of my manifesto commitments.  I am looking for Assistant Police and Crime Commissioners with appropriate experience and expertise who can support me in the delivery of my manifesto priorities.  The Non-Executive Members will offer an independent element of challenge.  Anyone can seek these roles, and I have invited the independent Police and Crime Panel to be involved in the selection process.  

"I will build on the good work of the former seventeen-member police authority, and appoint a Strategic Policing and Crime Board that will take on these functions.  Moreover, the Strategic Policing and Crime Board will cost around £40,000 less than the former Police Authority membership, reinforcing my manifesto commitment to keep the costs of the new arrangements below those of the Police Authority.  The appointment of the Strategic Policing and Crime Board will be objective, fair and open, and I look forward to receiving applications."

For more information, including how to apply, follow the link.