Reducing knife crime: statement from the Police and Crime Commissioner

Speaking about knife crime and reducing violent crime more generally, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones said,

"Knife crime, although uncommon, can have tragic consequences, as we have seen recently, with the deaths of Joshua Ribera, Christina Edkins, Azim Azam, Hassan Mahmood, Mohammed Saleem, and Big Issue sellers Wayne Lee Busst and Ian Watson-Gladwish.  It causes unimaginable pain and heartache when lives are ended too soon, and particularly cruel anguish when the victims are young people.

"As Alison Cope, Joshua's mother, said to me last week, what's needed is a change in attitudes, a recognition that carrying a knife doesn't earn respect and doesn't offer protection.  As international rap and reggae artist Roach Killa said at the recent Youth Summit: 'Drop the knife, pick up a pen'

"Young people at our recent Youth Summit have been developing plans for a campaign against youth violence including a knife surrender.  The details will be announced shortly.  However, the key things are that the campaign must come from, be supported by, and implemented in the community.  If it is genuinely led by young people, supported by the police and our partners, then together we can reduce the threat posed by knife crime in our communities."