PCC gives support to Waterworks Safe Haven Youth Club

Commissioner Bob Jones has given a grant of funding for £650 from his Community Initiatives Fund to Waterworks Safe Haven Youth Club to support and pay for an urban artists workshop by renowned Birmingham graffiti artist Dave Brown (www.graffitiartist.com).

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 The work shop is aimed at encouraging the young people of the Waterworks Estate to continue to demonstrate a sense of ownership and pride in their community by choosing not to create illegal graffiti.

This in turn promotes a sustainable neighbourhood without crime and antisocial behaviour and very importantly, without the fear of crime.

This project brings young people in contact with their local neighbourhood policing team in an environment without barriers and increases trust and confidence in the police service.

Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones said:  "I am very keen to support this project, which strengthens the bond between local Police and the young people especially with some hard to reach groups and families who would not normally engage.

"The urban artist's workshop is an impactive experience, which demonstrates the effects of illegal graffiti as some young people do not see it as criminal damage.  They get to find out about the consequences of being caught and the subsequent experience of the criminal justice system."

The club's current attendance is about 40 regular young people between the ages of 7 to 15 years.  One club night each month is themed around the club's ethos and guest speakers are invited to participate in activities and contribute with inputs. Other than the police, guests have included West Midlands Fire Service, Crimestoppers, The Crescent Youth Theatre, African drummers and DJ's/music workshops that do not promote violence and gang culture. 

Chair of Birmingham South West Residents Association Chris Hoare said:  "The effects of graffiti in a community is that can it increase people's fear of crime and it is also known as a signal crime, which means it can then lead to more serious offending.  People feel safer and more confident when they live in a graffiti free area

"The artists engage with the young people and are committed to showing the positive side of graffiti art, explaining, simply, why illegal graffiti is not a good route to choose in life. The Waterworks Estate does not suffer from graffiti which I believe is a positive testament to a similar workshop held several years ago. Clearly, the young people who attended have demonstrated respect for their surroundings and environment. This latest project will be impactive on newer and younger club members."   

More information about the Police and Crime Commissioner's Community Initiatives Fund is available on the website.

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