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Bob Jones was West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner from 22 November 2012 until his death on 1 July 2014.  These pages include information about Bob's time as West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, including all the press releases issued during his time in office.

The first election for the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner took place on 15 November 2012.  The count followed the day after, and the winner, Bob Jones, took office on 22 November 2012. 

As part of the election candidates could issue an election statement that was published on a Home Office website.  Bob's election statement follows:

"I'm West Midlands born and bred.  Apart from studying at Nottingham University, I've always lived within a mile of where I was born in inner-city Wolverhampton, and where I'm a long-standing Councillor.

For more than 20 years I have campaigned against crime and anti-social behaviour and due to my record of putting the Police and the community before any vested interest, and with support from all political parties, I became Chair of West Midlands Police Authority and of the National Association of Police Authorities. In 2010 I was awarded the CBE 'for services to policing'.

In those roles I oversaw the introduction of new crime prevention strategies, the pioneering of neighbourhood policing, investment in our Police Officers and their support services and focused on getting the Police and local Councils to work together.  This meant that between 1998 and 2012 we saw a halving of crime in the West Midlands.

Supporting the Police in the battle against crime is my priority and as an elected Police and Crime Commissioner I will:

  • Protect neighbourhood policing from further government cuts
  • Retain Police and Community Support Officers
  • Oppose the privatisation of core policing services
  • Fight for a fair funding deal for the West Midlands Police Service
  • Set up local policing boards in each area to ensure local people set local  priorities
  • Put victims first by ensuring that funding for Victim Support is safeguarded
  • Steer young people away from crime and gang culture by encouraging the police to work with schools, local councils and voluntary organizations"

Bob's acceptance speech after winning the election is here:

Bob took the oath of office with Stephen Hughes shortly after the result was announced:

2012 Election result

Police and Crime Commissioners are elected using the Supplementary Vote system. Supplementary voting works as follows.  If there are only two candidates, then voters mark which candidate they prefer and the one with the most votes wins.

If there are more than two candidates, then voters can mark on the ballot paper their first and second choices. It is not compulsory to make a second preference.

If a candidate receives more than half of all the first choice votes, they are elected immediately.

If this does not happen, the two candidates with the most first choice votes go through to a second round.  All other candidates are eliminated, but their second choice votes for either of the top two candidates are added to the totals for those two candidates from the first round. 

The candidate with the highest combined total of first and second choice votes is elected.


B'ham Cov Dudley S'well Solihull Walsall Wolv Total
Matt Bennett (Con) 15,076 3,997 5,767 3,399 5,772 6,371 3,758 44,130
Bill Ethe-ridge (UKIP) 4,458 1,701 3,802 1,798 1,540 2,310 1,954 17,563
Cath Hannon (Ind) 11,982 3,613 3,589 2,104 4,478 3,008 2,004 30,778
Bob Jones (Lab) 37,959 11,100 9,618 16,082 3,603 9,928 11,840 100,130
Ayoub Khan (Lib Dem) 10,362 783 968 1,252 650 736 662 15,413
Mike Rumble (Ind) 4,033 1,401 3,122 1,000 1,501 945 880 12,882
Derek Webley (Ind) 9,650 1,301 1,213 1,608 1,750 876 1,090 17,488
Turnout 12.81% 10.54% 11.84% 12.18% 12.51% 12.55% 12.87% 12.31%
Reject 3,314 884 607 605 536 602 515



2nd STAGE B'ham Cov Dudley S'well Solihull Walsall Wolv Total
Bennett (Con) 4,196 1,020 1,808 807 1,666 1,163 895 11,555
Jones (Lab) 8,738 1,367 1,919 1,732 952 1,244 1,306 17,285
Others 17,782 5,559 7,396 4,073 6,145 4,602 3,466 49,023
Rejected 9,771 852 1,570 1,150 1,156 866 920


Bob Jones secured 42% of first preference votes (less than the 50% +1 vote threshold), therefore a second stage, where second preference votes for each of the two candidates who secured the highest number of first preference votes (Matt Bennett and Bob Jones) were added to their totals, was required.


Stage 1 Stage 2 Totals

Bennett (Con)


11,555 55,685
Jones (Lab) 100,130 17,285 117,415