Number of staff and annual salary cost for PCC's office 2014 00351

The response to this request made under the Freedom of Information Act is available to download.

Accompanying statement from West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones:

"My office strives to ensure openness, transparency and good value for money.  Comparing like for like, the budget for my office is £100,000 less than the police authority it replaced, and the allowances for board members come to £20,000 less than the old police authority, and that includes my salary. My office takes the lowest share of the police budget of any PCC's office in England - just 0.3%, as confirmed by the Home Affairs Select Committee last year.  This means more money available to keep officers on the streets.

"A comparison of staff costs in 2012 with costs of staff plus the members of the Strategic Policing and Crime Board in 2014 is not comparing like with like.  The total expenditure on people - including staff and members - is lower now than it was under the Police Authority.  Whereas the cost of staff plus the seventeen Police Authority members was nearly £1.2m, the total spend now on staff plus members of the Strategic Policing and Crime Board comes to £1.1m, a saving of just over £100,000.

"The budget is kept under constant review, and the recent 'Stage 2' transfer of staff between the office of the PCC and Chief Constable - which was forced on us by the government - will have some impact, but I continue to do all I can to ensure that providing effective oversight and holding the police to account imposes as light a financial burden as possible."