A tribute to Bob Jones by Yvonne Mosquito

Acting Police and Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito has said the following words in tribute to Bob Jones:

"Bob was exceptionally intelligent and his knowledge of policing was second to none. He was assertive, had a quiet confidence but never adopted any air of superiority. He quietly carried his significant responsibilities.

"He was hugely respected and was protective of the police officers and police staff and wanted to improve the relationships between the community and the police. He saw us as a bridge. And there was no doubt he believed we had one of the best Chief Constables in the country

"As he travelled by bus and train throughout Sandwell, Coventry, Dudley, Walsall, Solihull Birmingham and Wolverhampton, meeting people between meetings, a shared and collective consciousness developed, that Bob Jones was a good, decent and honourable man. Beyond the region, he was respected in his role within the APCC and the College of policing and was recognised at a national level with his CBE for the contribution that he made to policing and community safety.

"He wanted to ensure the many voices of the West Midlands were heard and he set up structures to do that. Those structures were inclusive, they were cross party, ethnically and gender balanced, they included competing voices. He also wanted to hear the voices of young people and established the 14 youth commissioners.

"Using money from reserves, by next year,  the West Midlands will see the recruitment of 450 new police officers.  Most of them, and most the people who they serve, won't have known Bob personally, but they will experience his legacy."


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