Acting PCC's statement on West Midlands Police - Accenture Partnership

"This is the beginning of an important new partnership that will enable West Midlands Police to work much more effectively, with the aim of continuing to provide the best possible service to people in the West Midlands.  The partnership with Accenture will open up opportunities for West Midlands Police to use technology in a variety of ways to bring about radical change that will improve the service that is currently offered.  For example, there will be a programme that will enable people to contact their local police and access information much more quickly and easily.

"This change programme was strongly supported by the late Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones, who steered its focus onto technology.  Bob Jones was very aware that there was great potential within the private sector for opportunities to make far better use of technology and balance the reductions in police funding against the desire to continue to improve standards of performance. 

"There is currently an on-going programme delivering innovative and creative ways of making savings across the force in the way it uses its estates.  This programme aims to cut costs at the same time as enabling officers to work more flexibly and allow the public to access them more easily.  But with further cut-backs on the way, it is critical to bring in the far greater technology expertise that Accenture can offer.  This will ensure the right and best technology can be introduced to allow police offices and staff to overcome the challenges they face in the most efficient and customer-focussed way possible.

"I understand that people may have concerns about this decision to involve a private sector company, but would like to offer my reassurances that this is not the outsourcing of policing to a contractor.   Accountability for the delivery of policing services remains, as ever, the responsibility of the elected Police and Crime Commissioner."