West Midlands Police rated outstanding in HMIC inspection report

On Tuesday 22 July, the publication of a report by the Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary rated West Midlands Police as 'outstanding' in the way that it has managed through the spending review period which has required £146m of savings.  The inspectors assessed all 43 forces across England and Wales as to how well each provides value for money and the steps they have taken to secure the financial position in the short and long term. 

Acting Police and Crime Commissioner, Councillor Yvonne Mosquito said 'This report gives the recognition rightly deserved by the Chief Constable and the Force for the excellent work they have done to meet the financial challenge faced by the West Midlands.  We have been disproportionately affected by the cuts to police funding made by this Government making the Report even more worthy of note.

'We know that we face a continuing financial challenge and I will be working with the Chief Constable to ensure that we continue to provide the policing services needed by those that live and work in the West Midlands.  I have just signed a ground breaking partnership agreement with Accenture who will work with us to enhance the technology we use to improve our services to the public.  We will want to continue to work with our partners to ensure that we work together more effectively for the benefit of the public.  Our forward thinking approach has also been recognised in the HMIC report with our Regional HM Inspector, Dru Sharpling saying we have a comprehensive and well-managed change programme.'