What is a Police and Crime Commissioner?

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner is the local governing body for policing in our area. The PCC has an over-arching duty to secure an effective and efficient police force.  The PCC has three main roles, which are to:

  • Set the priorities for policing
  • Decide the budget for West Midlands Police
  • Hold the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police to account

In order to fulfil these roles, the PCC has a range of powers and responsibilities.  The PCC:

  • Must produce a Police and Crime Plan that sets out:
    • Their policing objectives
    • The policing that is to be provided
    • The financial resources that are to be available for policing
    • How policing performance will be measured
  • Must set the policing "precept", which is the part of local council tax that goes to policing
  • Can appoint and, if necessary, dismiss the Chief Constable
  • Can make Crime and Disorder Reduction Grants
  • Has an oversight role in how complaints against the police are managed
  • Must keep under review opportunities for collaboration
  • Has duties relating to national criminal threats, safeguarding of children, and consulting the public
  • Has a role in ensuring the effectiveness of the wider criminal justice system

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, like other PCCs, is scrutinised and supported by a separate Police and Crime Panel.  The West Midlands Police and Crime Panel is made up of twelve councillors from across the West Midlands and two independent members.

Follow the link to Frequently Asked Questions about PCCs.