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48 cases of domestic violence crime every day in the West Midlands as new standards are signed-up to for a co-ordinated response

Sep 25 2015

Groups from across the public and voluntary sectors in the West Midlands have come together to launch the country's first set of standards for domestic violence and abuse services.

Over 400 knives are binned following community campaign

Sep 24 2015

406 knives and many other weapons, including firearms have been 'binned' and taken off the streets of the West Midlands. The weapons are from nine knife bins in the region.

Public Accounts Committee report highlights the West Midlands as having been unfairly treated

Sep 18 2015

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee report into the  'Financial sustainability of police forces in England and Wales' has highlighted the West Midlands as having been unfairly treated.

Public scrutiny improves use of stop and search

Sep 18 2015

West Midlands Police has overhauled its use of the controversial "stop and search" power − leading to an increase in its effectiveness across the region. 

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David Jamieson was elected West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner on 21 August 2014.

The Police and Crime Commissioner must ensure an efficient and effective police force in our area. They set the priorities for the Force, decide the budget, and hold the Chief Constable to account.  Contact information is here.

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