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The Police and Crime Commissioner is an elected individual whose job it is to make sure West Midlands Police is run effectively. The PCC acts as your voice and holds the police force to account and to ensure the police are answerable to the communities they serve. The Commissioner hires and fires the Chief Constable.

Every year the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner offers people the chance to work in his office and gain valuable work experience across a range of teams.

Whether you are sitting in on high-level board meetings, helping to brief the PCC ahead of an important speech or working with the media team to co-ordinate interviews, your time with us should offer you plenty of valuable experience which will look great on your CV.

Please read the following document before applying: Work Experience and Placements Policy

Please note that we do not accept CV’s and will prioritise applications from students who study or work in the West Midlands policing area. Our work experience programme is designed for secondary school, sixth form and college students. We also aim to tailor the experience for the individual.

Please note, The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has now closed applications for work experience candidates. Applications will reopen in January 2024’

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