The PCC is supported by a team of 45 people who all work in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. The office is led by the Chief Executive who oversees management of the Policy and Communications teams, the Finance department and Business Support functions.  A Violence Reduction Unit was established in 2019.

Diversity within the office is of paramount importance. As of November 2019 28 staff (62%) were female and 11 staff (24%) were from an ethnic minority. 1 member of staff has a self-declared disability.

Organisational chart 2019

An organisational chart of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
25 July 2019

The Chief Constable assists the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner by making resources available to the Commissioner.  

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Estates, including the accommodation for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner West Midlands
  • Information, Communication and Technology Services
  • Legal Services
  • Human Resources
  • Treasury management, finance and exchequer services
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Corporate Communications
  • Organisation and Service Development, including planning functions
  • Corporate Services, including Design and Print Services
  • Learning and Development

The Leadership Team

The local authorities do not provide administrative, professional or technical services to the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.

OPCC Gender Pay Audit 2018

We are voluntarily publishing the Gender Pay Gap results for the second year running and once again the calculations demonstrate that we pay women more than men in all categories.

OPCC Gender Pay Audit 2017

Although we are not obliged to publish the Gender Pay Gap for our organisation it is good practice to do so

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