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West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner is required to produce a Police and Crime Plan. This is the document required by law that sets out the needs, priorities and objectives of the people of the West Midlands in relation to policing, crime and criminal justice. It will be used to hold the Chief Constable and the police service to account on behalf of the people of the West Midlands.

The PCC’s priorities include rebuilding community policing, combating violence against women and girls and domestic abuse, tackling violent crime and investing in schemes to support young people to prevent them becoming victims of crime, criminal exploitation or offenders.

As chair of the region’s Criminal Justice Board, Simon Foster, is prioritising improvements to the West Midlands’ justice system to improve efficiency, effectiveness and tackle the root causes of crime.

The plan details the PCC’s aims for the force and how he will hold the Chief Constable to account to achieve them, as well as setting out steps the PCC will undertake with partners from across the public sector.

The plan is split into six sections covering the major priorities of the Commissioner:

Section 1: West Midlands Police and Rebuilding Community Policing

Section 2: Working in Partnership Locally

Section 3: Police Collaboration

Section 4: Civic leadership and campaigning for change

Section 5: Good governance, transparency, equality and public engagement

Section 6: Funding, grants, resources, police precept and financial planning