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Domestic Abuse Intervention Fund 2023-25: Expression of Interest

An opportunity has arisen whereby the Home Office are making funding available through the Domestic Abuse Perpetrators Fund.

This fund can only be bid into by Police and Crime Commissioners and so we are seeking to secure bidding partners through our own competitive process.

The funding that is stated as being available through this opportunity is the Home Office funding that we are bidding into. If applicants are successful in being selected as our bidding partners, this does not itself guarantee funding or contract.

Those successful in being selected to be our bidding partner will need to contribute further work in support of developing the bids (the Home Office’s deadline being 17th February) and Home Office guidelines are clear in stating that they cannot cover the costs of bidding and neither will the West Midlands PCC.

This specification has been split into multiple “Lots” outlined below. You can apply for 1 or more Lot, either as a sole provider or as a lead provider in a consortium/partnership. Please note Lot 1 & 2 will be combined by the OPCC in the final bid to the Home Office. The amounts of Lot 1 & 2 should equate to a minimum of £300,000 or a maximum of £1,000,000 COMBINED.

Please specify these details along with which LOT you wish to apply to in the attached expression of interest (EOI) application form.

The 3 Lots are as follows:

1) Lot 1: Early Responses – In Custody Intervention
2) Lot 2: Independent Evaluation of the Early Responses Programme – In Custody Intervention
3) Lot 3: Behaviour Change Intervention

The OPCC welcomes applications for multiple Lots (though a separate form will need to be completed for each).

Please complete EOI along with the budget template attached.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on 3rd February 2023. Please send applications through to Chelsea Lloyd at [email protected]
23 January 2023

Victims Cost of Living Fund

The Victims Fund 2023-2024 is now open.

Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Foster is making £150,000 available in 2023-2024 for organisations across the West Midlands to submit applications to his Victims Fund, with a maximum amount of £20,000 to allocate per project.

The fund aims to support organisations who provide services for people to cope and recover from the effects of crime.

Cost of Living Crisis
In response to the ongoing and undeniable impact of the cost of living crisis on victims, this year the victims fund will be ringfenced for organisations and projects that have either been directly impacted or are working with victims who have been directly impacted by the ongoing challenges.

For Victims’ Commissioner Nicky Brennan this fund is of upmost importance. In a recent survey seeking views from both victims and organisations, the Victims’ Commissioner found that organisations are being placed under an extreme amount of pressure through rising demands placed on their services and ever-growing waiting lists and together with the cost of living crisis has resulting in creating a perfect storm in which organisations are struggling to provide these vital services.

This year the fund will consider applications from organisations that seek to alleviate some of this financial pressure and will consider costs directly related to the cost of living crisis such as increased recruitment/running costs.

The Victims’ Commissioner’s survey also revealed that victims of crime (as well as organisations tasked with supporting them) are facing personal challenges which have resulted in exacerbating their vulnerabilities and so this fund will also consider applications from projects seeking to support victims directly.

This could take the form of small hardship funds, care packages or additional capacity to meet increased demand.

All further guidance and information is included in the documents below.

Important Dates and Timelines:

The Victims Fund opens on 11th January 2023
The Victims Fund closes at 5pm on the 15th February 2023

Please ensure you read the guidance carefully and send all completed documents including:

• A redacted bank statement
• Audited accounts / Unaudited accounts depending on Organisation status
• Vulnerable adult and child safeguarding policies
• Data protection policy
• Equality & Diversity Policy

Please send to Chelsea Lloyd at [email protected] by the deadline.

Late submissions will not be considered.

Applicants will be notified as to the outcome of their application week commencing 27th February 2023.

If you need any more info, please let us know.