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What is a review?

Since February 2020, The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for conducting reviews into the handling of some complaints by West Midlands Police’s Professional Standards Department. A review is similar to an appeal and will consider whether the complaint was handled in a reasonable and proportionate manner. The decisions that Professional Standards Department make during the course of their investigation will be weighed up and judged to determine whether they were balanced.

A review is not a re-investigation. The Police and Crime Commissioner does not have the powers to re-investigate the initial incident, or re-investigate the complaint itself.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for a review, you must submit your request for review within 28 days of the day after the date stated on your outcome letter. If you fail to submit your request in 28 days, it may be declined. Your complaint must be:

  • Formally recorded under the police complaints legislation.
  • Responded to by West Midlands Police

Apply for a review here.


Download the reviews form here.

Please submit any additional queries via email to [email protected]