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What is dip sampling?

  • Dip-sampling is where the OPCC examine complaints handled by Professional Standards Department (PSD) and assess whether they were handled reasonably and proportionately.

Why is it done?

  • Dip sampling is important in monitoring and improving the quality of PSD’s responses to complaints.

How is it done?

  • A minimum sample of 25 complaints is requested from PSD. All of these complaints will relate to a theme, such as incivility or discrimination.
  • Members of the Board and Members of Staff at the OPCC meet for 4 hours to examine the samples and assess them against 6 “yes or no” questions, with the option to add additional commentary.
  • 4 questions are non-specific and are asked at every dip sampling session. 2 questions relate specifically to the theme of the session.
  • Once the session is concluded, the results are assessed and a report is prepared.

Dip Sampling Reports

Dip Sampling October 2023

Dip Sampling January 2023

Dip Sampling December 2022

Dip Sampling July 2022