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A total of 158 knives and one imitation firearm have been recovered from seven of the region’s weapon surrender bins.

The weapons were deposited in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Sandwell, with 71 knives found in the West Bromwich High Street bin alone. The imitation pistol was left in the Lozells bin.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, whose office supports the 13 surrender bins across the Black Country and Birmingham, said: “A total of 158 knives were recovered from seven bins – meaning 158 potentially deadly weapons off our streets.

“These bins are only successful if the community supports them so I would like to thank each and every person who did the right thing and deposited a weapon.

“As well as knives, I am also calling on people to deposit firearms and ammunition in the bins and make our region a safer place.”

A total of 11 knives and one imitation pistol were recovered from the Lozells bin at the New Testament Church of God; 12 knives from the bin at Hockley New Testament Church of God; 34 from Edgbaston Tesco Fiveways; nine from Aston Tesco; nine from Heath Town New Testament Church of God in Wolverhampton; 12 from the Whitmore Reans bin at Tabernacle Baptist Church, Wolverhampton; and 71 from West Bromwich High Street.

Sandwell Council leader, Councillor Darren Cooper added: “I am overwhelmed by how many people have taken the decision to get the knife out of their life by using the bin in West Bromwich town centre. This means 71 fewer knives on our streets.

“Knife crime may not be a major issue in West Bromwich and the wider Black Country. But it’s so easy for a fight to escalate into something much, much worse if someone’s carrying a weapon. And the consequences can be devastating for individuals, families and the wider community.

“I’d urge others now to use the bin – and get the knife out of their life – just like the dozens of people who already have.”

All of the weapons have now been removed and disposed of.

The full list of bin locations can be found  here.

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