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The Assistant West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has unveiled latest collection of blades that have been emptied from the region’s weapon surrender bins.

The PCC maintains 13 community surrender bins across the region.

Weapon surrender bins are been rolled out across the West Midlands as part of ongoing work to tackle violent crime.

West Midlands Senior Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner, Ashley Bertie said: “In recent weeks and months we have seen a number of shocking incidents involving knives, some of which have led to the loss of life.

“I am committed to working with the Chief Constable to get knives off the streets and keep our communities safe.

“These bins are just one of the measures we are taking to tackle violence. They continue to prove their success. That is why we are continuing to roll them out across the region.

“The bins are providing people with a legal and safe way to dispose of knives which they shouldn’t be carrying. Every knife which is deposited into these bins is another knife which can no longer cause harm to somebody.

“These bins work best when the community wants them and the message I have been receiving loud and clear is that more are needed and that is what I am delivering on.

“Knives can ruin the lives of not just individuals but their families and friends as well. If you have a knife or any weapon, or know somebody who does, I strongly recommend that you dispose of it in one of these bins.”

“Over the coming months we will be installing more of these bins.”

The weapon surrender bins are part of ongoing work around tackling gangs and violence in the West Midlands.

Knife crime has risen in the West Midlands by 85% since 2012.

West Midlands Police’s knife crime lead Superintendent Phil Dolby said: “Knife crime and violence is not an issue we can tackle on our own. We need help from partners, parents, schools and the wider community to tackle this growing issue.

“We all need to be having heart-to-heart conversations with young people in an attempt to steer them away from knives – a death at the hands of a knife is such a waste of life.

“The message that carrying weapons is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated needs to be more firmly reinforced amongst our young people and we all have a role to play in that.

“We’re doing all we can to tackle knife crime, we’re using stop and search powers to target those who carry knives, seizing weapons and working with young people to talk about the dangers of carrying weapons. Our intensive investigations ruthlessly pursue those who wish to cause this harm among our communities. And we’ll do all we can to bring offenders to justice.”

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