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Before the Authorised Period

Time,  Date and Duration of Authority to Search
12/03/2019- 20:00-03:00
Area covered by Authority  (Please attach any relevant maps)
BW; Birmingham – NH’s indicated on map within application. 
Details of Authorising Officer
22482 ACC Sarah Boycott 
Reason for Authority (Brief Summary for Publication)
 I believe the use of section 60 is justified to achieve the legitimate aims of preventing serious violence, to apprehend persons carrying offensive weapons or illegally held weapons and to protect the public. 
Details of OIC (for contact or enquiries)
22482 ACC Sarah Boycott 

After the Authorised Period

Number of Stop/Searches Carried Out Under the Authority
Outcomes of those Stop/Searches
2-Arrested1-Cannabis Warning1-Communtiy Resolution2-Substance Seizure53-NFA