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Time,  Date and Duration of Authority to Search

Thursday 29th November 18:00 hours to Friday 30th November 06:00 hours.

Area covered by Authority  (Please attach any relevant maps)

Details of Authorising Officer

G Cann, ACC (7599)

Reason for Authority (Brief Summary for Publication)
The communities of Alum Rock and Bordesley Green have seen a rise in public-place violence over the last few months, with some very serious levels of force, including cases of weapons being used. This is not the case everywhere else in the city of Birmingham. West Midlands Police is determined to tackle this issue head-on, and to use the full range of powers available to us where proportionate and necessary. Alongside a number of proactive and investigative activities taking place, an authority under section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 has been made.
There are two elements to the grounds to this application. The first is the number of recent firearms discharges and the second is the total volume of violence with weapons in the same area.

The peak times for the firearms incidents is found to be between 00:00 and 04:00

Details of OIC (for contact or enquiries)

Insp M Crowley (0534)

After the Authorised Period
Number of Stop/Searches Carried Out Under the Authority

Outcomes of those Stop/Searches

1 x Arrest, Consequence Stop & Search
1 x Cannabis Warning
13 x NFA