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Time,  Date and Duration of Authority to Search
1500hrs 16/07/2022 through 0300hrs 17/07/22 (12 hours)    
Area covered by Authority  (Please attach any relevant maps)
Details of Authorising Officer
ACC Matt Ward  
Reason for Authority (Brief Summary for Publication)
Since the 7th July 2022 areas of Birmingham have seen a significant escalation in the incidents of high-level violence, including firearm discharges and stabbings.  This included the fatal stabbing of a 16 year old child and a second incident that is currently being investigated as an attempt murder of a further 17 year old child. It’s believed that some of these offences are connected and linked to gang activity. There are concerns over further retaliatory attacks. There are also high-profile unregulated events planned over the weekend amongst the Gangs community that are scheduled to take place within the geographic area of Birmingham East LPU. Intelligence indicates that there is a strong possibility of disorder involving Birmingham West nominals as well. In light of the above assessment of the levels of tension I feel that there is an intelligence case to suggest that that is are reasonable grounds to believe that serious violence may occur.    
Details of OIC (for contact or enquiries)
Supt Jim Munro, BW  

After the Authorised Period

Number of Stop/Searches Carried Out Under the Authority
   No one searched under S.60 with the area being relatively quiet as it was the previous evening.
Outcomes of those Stop/Searches

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West Midlands Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner [email protected]

S60 Authorisation [email protected]

Corporate Communications [email protected]