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Authorised to take place between 08.00 hours Sunday 30th October and 23.00 hours on Sunday 30th October 2016

Within the boundaries as defined by the Operational map, to include Birmingham City Centre and all arterial routes into and the extended area around, Birmingham City Football Club  

In relation to intelligence indicating that planned disorder involving rival supporters is likely to take place, with weapons likely to be used

11 searches took place, with one arrest** following the discovery of a firework / flare

** Please note, some further searches were also conducted under the authority by South Wales Police. In relation to those searches, as a result of operational contingencies and the need to minimise the restriction on free movement of the public during a potentially volatile situation, no person was detained for the purpose of record keeping, other than those arrested for offences disclosed.  As a result, personal details of those searched at The Roost Public House and not arrested, are not available.