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Time,  Date and Duration of Authority to Search
1800 hours Tuesday 28th August for a period of 12 hours to 0600 hours Wednesday 29th August 2018
Area covered by Authority  (Please attach any relevant maps)
Details of Authorising Officer
 ACC Cann (7599)
Reason for Authority (Brief Summary for Publication)
Over the weekend of 25th and 26th August there have been 2 separate Firearm discharges across Birmingham which are suspected to be due to an increase in tensions.

It is suspected that should there be no positive police intervention then the violence will continue and escalate.
Details of OIC (for contact or enquiries)
 Insp Lee Wiggan (8128)

After the Authorised Period

Number of Stop/Searches Carried Out Under the Authority
Outcomes of those Stop/Searches
 4 X NFA