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Solihull (vicinity of Birmingham International Airport and National Exhibition Centre);

Authorised to take place between 10.00 hours and 20.00 hours on Saturday 6th February 2016;

Within the following boundaries;

  • Elmdon Lane leading to
  • Station Road leading to
  • Un-named road boundary as defined leading to
  • A45 Coventry Road (including slipway to Airport Way) leading to
  • South Way leading onto
  • North Way leading to
  • Bickenhill Parkway onto
  • Coleshill Heath Road then
  • Bickenhill Road and
  • Station Road back to Elmdon Lane boundary

The above DOES NOT INCLUDE those areas of Birmingham International Airport not normally accessible to the public either express or implied. This would include those areas beyond normal passport control or designated Staff Only access.

In relation to a protest and counter protest by groups known as ‘Pegida’ and ‘Antifa’ respectively, whereby intelligence indicates disorder between the groups involving weapons, is believed likely.  

12 searches took place, during which, no weapons were found. No arrests occurred as a result of the searches.