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The second phase of the work with Accenture Ltd to transform the operation of the West Midlands Police was to complete a future operating model for the Force (the WMP2020 Blueprint) and a high level ‘roadmap’ to indicate how this could be achieved within the financial constraints for the Force.  The Blueprint was discussed at the meeting of the Commissioner’s Strategic Policing and Crime Board on 17 March 2015.  Following discussion of reports in both the public and the private sessions, the Commissioner made a decision on 17 March to:

(A)  accept the deliverables making up the WMP 2020 Blueprint/target operating model, with the exception of the ‘Roadmap’ and Business Case as discharging the contractual requirement at this stage of the partnership as having met the quality required in the contract.

(B)  adopt the Target Operating Model as providing the vision for 2020.

(C) approve the content of the ‘Roadmap’ as setting the right direction for the future programme of change with appropriate content but defers acceptance and adoption until final assurances are completed by the Chief Finance Officers of both the Commissioner and the Chief Constable. 

(D) agree that work should proceed with the next phase of the partnership to produce Outline Business Cases for the next phase of the programme.

(E)  have determined that the fixed price payment will be triggered by the Roadmap and Business Case approval and adoption which will not occur until I have received the necessary assurances as set out in (C) above. 

The decision report is confidential because it contains commercially sensitive material relating to a contract.