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A decision by the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in consultation with the Chief Constable’s Chief Finance Officer (FCFO) to announce Accenture (UK) Limited as the preferred bidder for the IIP procurement.

This decision is taken in the absence of an Acting Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) following the death of the PCC on 1 July 2014 and in accordance with the delegated powers set out in the Scheme of Governance as follows:-

a) in respect of the CFO, the powers sub-delegated to the CFO (in accordance with paragraph 1.13) by the Chief Executive (CE) who is currently away from the office on sick leave (sub-delegation dated 7 July 2014) and, therefore, exercising the powers of the CE under paragraphs 6.2 to 6.6.15 of the Scheme of Governance; and/or in the alternative

b) in respect of the FCFO the powers delegated under paragraph 7 of the Scheme of Governance; and/or in the alternative

c) the powers set out under paragraph 9.1 of the Scheme of Governance (exercised by the CFO in his own right and through the powers delegated to the CFO by the CE).

NB The Annex and Appendix cited in the decision report are Commercial in Confidence and have not been published.


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