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Bleed kits have been installed in a West Midlands town thanks to funding from West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Foster.

Willenhall Rotary Club has worked hard to help stamp out knife crime and anti-social behaviour in the area and £1,500 of funding from the PCC has been used to install 10 bleed kits in the town.

Six have been placed in Willenhall Memorial Park, with a further four located in Short Heath. Top of Form

Simon Rollason from Willenhall Rotary Club said he dedicated his year in office to helping stamp out knife crime after spending more than 25 years working in the criminal justice system.

Mr Rollason and his fellow Rotarians met with Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner Tom McNeil to identify key areas which could be used to help treat the consequences of crime.

The kits contain items including trauma dressing, haemostatic gauze, chest seal, a tourniquet, nitrile gloves, scissors and instructions.

Assistant PCC Tom McNeil said: “I am incredibly grateful to Simon for his tireless work in the community to help prevent crime. The Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Foster, is delighted to have funded his and the Rotary Club’s proposals for more bleed kits in the area, and it’s brilliant to see these kits being put in place with my own eyes.

“We always hope these never have to be used, but if they save just one life following a violent event, they will have helped prevent a trail of destruction for the victim, their families and our community.

“Tackling violent crime is about long-term investment, including attempts to prevent issues including mental ill health and addiction. But a large part of the solution is also always efforts like providing bleed kits that can help rescue lives when serious crime occurs,”

Mr Rollason added: “The rise in anti-social behaviour, including knife crime, represents a blight on our communities so during my year as president I have been desperate to try and address these issues in whatever small way I can.

“We have also been doing further work with West Midlands Police and Pool Hayes Primary School in tandem with Willenhall Rugby Club, and they are launching a ‘diversion from anti-social behaviour’ programme for local people by running rugby taster sessions also funded by Simon Foster, the PCC.”

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