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  1. West Midlands Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault and Abuse Standards

The standards have been created in the last year by multi-agency partners including those from health, local authorities, the specialist support sector, police, criminal justice and others and has been led through the OPCC led West Midlands Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault and Abuse Boards.

These standards will help organisation to prepare for occasions where they may need to work with those impacted by domestic abuse and/or sexual assault and abuse and to feel confident in how to respond to them to ensure they get the most appropriate support. A self-assessment/audit tool will also shortly be available to support agencies to assess their progress towards the standards and identify areas of improvement.

  1. West Midlands Competencies, Training and Development Framework for Tackling Exploitation and Abuse

A good practice guidance framework for individuals, organisations and senior leaders to support their response to tackling exploitation and abuse.

  1. Best Practice Guidelines for ethical co-design of Ending Male Violence Against Women and Girls campaigns with underrepresented communities

The Best Practice Guidelines for ethical co-design of ‘Ending Male Violence Against Women and Girls’ campaigns with underrepresented communities was funded by Safer Streets 4 to support communications professionals when working on campaigns to strengthen approaches to co-production and co-design. While these are intended for VAWG campaigns specifically, the guidelines may have value for designing other campaigns in underrepresented communities.

  1. Noexcuseforabuse (NEFA) website link – No Excuse for Abuse

The No Excuse for Abuse website holds resources, information, previous campaigns and support for those impacted by Violence Against Women and Girls.

This central hub provides advice and guidance for victims of abuse of any kind, directing them towards vital information and the support services available in their area. It will continue to be updated regularly, with useful resources and further information about the No Excuse For Abuse campaigns, to help people across the region explore ways of engaging with the important work being done.

  1. VRP Toolkit For Faith Communities