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The Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner has written to the government demanding to know why it has postponed the introduction of new e-scooter laws.

Tom McNeil was one of the first to campaign about the illegal use of private e-scooters and has long advocated tighter regulation and better health and safety requirements, similar to the rules for e-bikes.

Some private electric scooters have been found to travel at speeds of up to 70mph. All private e-scooters are banned from public roads and pavements under law. But that hasn’t stopped retailers cashing in by selling hundreds of e-scooters that they know people are using illegally on public highways across the region.

Tom McNeil says we need proper health and safety rules in place including speed limits on the scooters. 

There has been at least one death in Wolverhampton, another in Coventry and scores of injuries across the region by people riding e-scooters they’ve purchased legally, but ridden illegally.  

Private e-scooters should not be confused with the e-scooters you can rent, which are authorised by the council and have speed limits of 15mph applied. They also have GPS installed that cuts their motors out when they’re in pedestrianised spaces.  

Earlier this year the government promised that it would introduce new safety rules to ensure privately owned e-scooters were more tightly regulated, but has so far failed to act pushing back any new proposed legislation.

It’s led the Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner, Tom McNeil, to demand action: “I have written to the government demanding to know why it has failed to tighten the rules around e-scooters.

“Private e-scooters are a menace on our roads and pavements. They are being ridden dangerously and with no regard to pedestrians. I do not want to see another death on our streets, because the government has dragged its heels.

“I’ve been crystal clear with the government that it must act now if we are to prevent dozens more injuries and potentially deaths.” 

West Midlands Police has repeatedly clamped down on private e-scooters, seizing well over 100 of them.

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