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WMPCC 015 2014 Victims Services

A decision to allocate funding to four organisations for the provision of services to victims of crime, October 2014-March 2015

WMPCC 016 2014 Treasury Management Strategy 2014-15

A decision to approve the treasury management strategy for 2014-15.  Includes information on debt management and investment activity for 2013-14. 

WMPCC 017 2014 Internal Audit Strategic Plan 2014-17

A decision to approve the internal audit strategic plan 2014-17, and the internal audit annual plan 2014-15.
16 May 2014

WMPCC 013 2014 Joint Audit Committee – Appointment of Independent Chair

This decision determines the appointment of the position of Independent Chair of the Joint Audit Committee.

WMPCC 010 2014 Fees and Charges 2014-15

A decision to approve the Force's fees and chargeable rates for 2014/15.
02 April 2014

WMPCC 011 2014 Scheme of Governance

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 (the Act) created both the Commissioner and Chief Constable as corporations sole... Read more
02 April 2014

WMPCC 012 2014 Award of contract for IT capabilities that support Counter Terrorism operations

This decision cannot be published because it is operationally sensitive.
02 April 2014

WMPCC 008 2014 Victims Services Commissioning and Restorative Justice Allocations 2013-14

Funding for victims of crime transfers to Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in October 2014.  PCCs will be responsible for... Read more

WMPCC 009 2014 Invest to Save February 2014

The Commissioner has passported the Home Office Community Safety Fund allocation of £5,151,077 to the seven Community Safety Partnerships in... Read more

WMPCC 003 2014 UKBA Custody Visiting Provision

A decision to provide a custody visiting service at the UK Border Agency custody facility at Birmingham Airport.