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WMPCC 018 2013 Police and Crime Plan

A decision to approve the West Midlands Police and Crime Plan
28 March 2013

WMPCC 016 2013 Fees and Charges 2013-14

A decision to approve West Midlands Police fees and chargeable rates for 2013-14.
26 March 2013

WMPCC 013 2013 Treasury Management Strategy 2013-14

A decision to agree the Police and Crime Commissioner's Treasury Management Strategy Statement 2013/14, including updates in debt management activity... Read more

WMPCC 014 2013 Strategic Policing and Crime Board – Constitution and Appointments

A decision to determine the constitution of the Strategic Policing and Crime Board and appointments offered to applicants for positions... Read more

WMPCC 015 2013 Central Birmingham Estate

A decision approving changes to the police estate in central Birmingham. The decision includes the refurbishment of Lloyd House, disposal of... Read more

WMPCC 012 2013 Internal Audit Plan 2013-14

A decision to approve the Joint Internal Audit Plan for the financial year 2013/14
12 March 2013

WMPCC 010 2013 Procedure for Hearing Dismissal Appeals from Police Staff

A decision on the procedure for hearing appeals against dismissal from police staff together with membership of the appeals panels.  The... Read more

WMPCC 011 2013 Contract Claim

This decision relates to a claim from a contractor following termination of the Business Partnering for Programme (see  WMPCC 001 2012 Decision... Read more
28 February 2013

WMPCC 004 2013 Community Initiatives Fund

A decision to approve 16 applications from community organisations based in the West Midlands seeking financial support from the Community Initiatives Fund.