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The Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for holding West Midlands Police to account. The PCC has executive powers to make certain decisions. In this section you can find records of all the formal decisions made by the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.

Decisions are required to be published as soon as practicable after they have been taken.

WMPCC 028 2013 Provision of a Motor Vehicle Body Repair Service

A decision for the renewal of the Motor Vehicle Body Repair Service contract in accordance with the Scheme of Consent... Read more
03 July 2013

WMPCC 029 2013 IIP Appointment of Legal Consultants

By decision 007/2013 authority was given to a procurement of business consultants to undertake a 4-week scoping study to facilitate... Read more

WMPCC 024 2013 Process for the award of grants from the Community Initiative Fund 2013-14

A decision defining the procedure for decision-making the PCC will use for the Community Initiatives Fund allocation of £25,000 for... Read more

WMPCC 023 2013 Decision Making Policy

A decision on the requirement for the Police and Crime Commissioner to publish a statement of policy in relation to... Read more

WMPCC 022 2013 Mutual Aid Complaints Arrangements

A decision on an agreement that would enable the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland to investigate complaints against officers who... Read more
14 May 2013

WMPCC 020 2013 Strategic Policing and Crime Board Rules of Procedure

A decision on the rules and procedure for the Strategic Policing and Crime Board.
01 May 2013

WMPCC 021 2013 Technology Task Force – Innovation and Integration Partner Implementation Approach

This notice decision summarises information provided to the Commissioner on the options for how an innovation and integration partner (IIP)... Read more
01 May 2013

WMPCC 018 2013 Police and Crime Plan

A decision to approve the West Midlands Police and Crime Plan
28 March 2013