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PCC David Jamieson has awarded a grant of funding to a community project that supports victims of domestic violence and abuse, the Sahara Safe Hub, which is a community project being run by the Khidmat centre.  

At a recent visit to the Khidmat Centre, David Jamieson reaffirmed his support for the project, which provides services to those in the Birmingham East area:

 “It was an honour to be present at the launch of the Sahara Safe Hub,” said David Jamieson.

“Far too often the hidden crimes, which are committed ‘behind closed doors’, are not reported. The encouragement and support the project delivers, exemplify what Khidmat stands for, which is ‘to serve’.

“Yvonne and I are pleased to support the Sahara Safe Hub project, which ensures that there is not only increased reporting of these hidden crimes, but also appropriate support and services are provided for the victims we serve. “

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