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Waheed Saleem the West Midlands Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, is working with partners to develop an educational package which highlights the dangers of becoming a money mule for organised criminals.

A money mule is a person who transfers money (that has been acquired illegally) on behalf of criminals.  This money may have come from the sale of drugs, people trafficking, fraud or other serious crime.

In recent years criminals have started to target the younger population in pursuit of money mules.  They advertise ‘quick cash schemes’ via social media.

Many young people who get involved in this are unaware that they are money laundering which has serious consequences.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, Waheed Saleem said: “Vulnerable young people particularly at risk of being targeted by organised criminals and becoming involved in this illegal activity.

“This educational package will provide young people with the information they need so they are aware of this activity and the serious consequences it can have on the rest of their lives.”

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