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A new strategy to ensure victims are at the heart of policing, has been welcomed by Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Foster.

West Midlands Police has introduced a new Victims Strategy to improve the service it provides to victims of crime to ensure compliance with the Victims’ Code. The code sets out the minimum level of service that victims are entitled to receive from the criminal justice system.

Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Foster said: “The rights and welfare of victims – as set out in the Victims Code – must always be at the forefront of the service provided by West Midlands Police and the wider criminal justice system. 

“It is absolutely essential that West Midlands Police and the wider criminal justice system comply with the Victims Code at all times.

“As Police and Crime Commissioner I fund Victim Support Services in the West Midlands, so that victims of crime are able to access the help and support they need – the right service, in the right place, at the right time.”

If you are a victim of a crime that took place in England or Wales, the Victims’ Code gives you the right to information and support from criminal justice organisations, such as the police and the courts.

Everyone in West Midlands Police who comes into contact with someone who has experienced crime, must ensure they know and comply with the Victims’ Code

The Code sets out 12 rights and explains the minimum standards of service that victims can expect from us.

These focus on how and when we should communicate with victims and ensure we identify any needs they have to offer them the best support through the investigation – and any subsequent criminal justice process.

It includes the right to have the details of the crime recorded without unjustified delay; to be provided with information when reporting the crime; and to be referred to services that support victims and have services and support tailored to your needs.

The new West Midlands Police Victims’ Strategy has three main aims:

  • To ensure victim care is fully compliant with the Victims’ Code
  • To listen to victims and change the way we work in response to their feedback
  • Deliver a service that we can be proud of
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