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Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS – previously just HMIC) carries out inspections of police forces. These can range from individual function areas through to critical national issues and themes across the police service. HMICFRS also provide an interactive tool which allows users to compare data on recorded crimes and incidents, quality of service and resources for all police forces in England and Wales.

In the PEEL 2021/22 inspection report, HMICFRS graded West Midlands Police’s performance across 11 areas of policing and found the force was ‘good’ in five areas, ‘adequate’ in three areas and ‘requires improvement’ in three areas. HMICFRS said the areas requiring improvement included how the force investigates crime, how it supports victims and how it protects vulnerable people.

Find out more about the inspections of West Midlands Police

This page gives you access to those reports prepared by HMICFRS on West Midlands Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner’s responses to those reports.

HMICFRS Responses

DateReport TitlePCC Response
21/11/2023Race and policing: An inspection of race disparity in police criminal justice decision-makingPCC Response
21/11/2023Race and Policing: A review of the police service’s leadership and governance arrangements for race-related mattersPCC Response
24/10/2023An inspection of police contribution to the prevention of homicide PCC Response
24/10/2023An inspection visit to police custody suitesPCC Response
26/09/2023An inspection of how effective police forces are in the deployment of firearmsPCC Response
08/09/2023Police performance: Getting a gripPCC Response
17/08/2023Management of terrorist offenders in the wake of terrorist attacksPCC Response
09/08/2023State of Policing: The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales 2022PCC Response
15/06/2023Values and culture in fire and rescue servicesPCC Response
15/06/2023An inspection of how well the police and National Crime Agency tackle the online sexual abuse and exploitation of childrenPCC Response
16/05/2023An inspection of how well the police tackle serious youth violencePCC Response
05/04/2023An inspection into how well the police and other agencies use digital forensics in their investigationsPCC Response
04/04/2023Joint targeted area inspection of the multi-agency response to identification of initial need and risk in WalsallPCC Response
02/11/2022An inspection of vetting, misconduct and misogyny in the police servicePCC Response
11/08/2022The police response to burglary, robbery and other acquisitive crime- Finding time for crimePCC Response
14/07/2022Twenty years on, is MAPPA achieving its objectives? A joint thematic inspection of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements PCC Response
17/05/2022The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Criminal Justice System – a progress reportPCC Response
10/03/2022HMICFRS State of Policing: The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales 2021PCC Response
25/02/2022A joint thematic inspection of the police and Crown Prosecution Service’s response to rape- Phase 2: Post-chargePCC Response
24/11/2021PEEL 2021/22- An inspection of West Midlands PolicePCC Response
17/11/2021A joint thematic inspection of the criminal justice journey for individuals with mental health needs and disordersPCC Response
17/09/2021Police response to violence against women and girls – Final inspection reportPCC Response
05/08/2021A review of ‘Fraud: Time to Choose’PCC Response
21/07/2021State of Policing: The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales 2020PCC Response
16/07/2021A joint thematic inspection of the police and Crown Prosecution Service’s response to rape – Phase 1: From report to police or CPS decision to take no further actionPCC Response
15/07/2021Neurodiversity in the criminal justice system: A review of evidencePCC Response
07/07/2021Interim report: Inspection into how effectively the police engage with women and girlsPCC Response
23/06/2021Review of policing domestic abuse during the pandemic – 2021PCC Response
20/04/2021Policing in the pandemic- The police response to the coronavirus pandemic during 2020 PCC Response
20/04/2021Custody services in a COVID-19 environmentPCC Response
11/03/2021Getting the balance right? An inspection of how effectively the police deal with protestsPCC Response
26/02/2021Disproportionate use of police powers – A spotlight on stop and search and the use of forcePCC Response
10/02/2021An inspection of the effectiveness of Regional Organised Crime UnitsPCC Response
19/01/2021Impact of the pandemic on the Criminal Justice SystemPCC Response
08/12/2020Pre-charge bail and released under investigation: striking a balancePCC Response
15/07/2020Roads Policing: Not optional – An inspection of roads policing in England and WalesPCC Response
02/07/2020State of Policing: The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales 2019PCC Response
28/02/2020A joint thematic inspection of Integrated Offender ManagementPCC Response
02/05/2019PEEL: Police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy 2018/19 – West Midlands PolicePCC Response
15/01/2019West Midlands Police: Crime Data Integrity re-inspection 2018PCC Response
12/12/2017PEEL: Legitimacy 2017- West Midlands PolicePCC Response
09/11/2017PEEL: police efficiency 2017- West Midlands PolicePCC Response
03/10/2017Proposal to introduce Force Management StatementsPCC Response
07/09/2017West Midlands Police: Crime Data Integrity inspection 2017PCC Response
21/06/2017Report of unannounced inspection visit to police custody suites in the West MidlandsPCC Response
02/03/2017PEEL: police effectiveness 2016PCC Response