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The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson, says he welcomes the outcome of the 4th gender audit of his office which once again identifies that that on average men and women are paid equally in the organisation.

Up until March 2020, the Commissioners team consisted of 44 employees, of which 28 were women and 16 were men.

On average, women in the organisation are paid 6p per hour more than men, therefore, there is very little difference between pay for women and their male counterparts.

This compares nationally, where men are paid 17.3% more than women despite a growing pressure on organisations to correct the imbalance.

Commenting on the pay within his office, David Jamieson said: “I am and always have been a firm believer that women and men should be paid equally for doing the same work.

We have strived to ensure that there is a balance in pay between male and female members of staff and as the audit suggests, we are getting it right and people are “people are being paid fairly. This I greatly welcome.”

The work on the gender pay gap at the Police and Crime Commissioners office builds on other equality work including ensuring there is a diverse mix of employees from a wide range of ethnicities.

The make-up of the office is such that there are females working at all levels and grades across the office, in numbers greater than males.

Read the gender pay audit here.

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